Ferinheight to Celsius

An easy conversion tool

Conversion between various temperature scales is relatively straightforward, and is based on a linear dependence. The applet below provides you with an easy way to calculate degrees Celsius from degrees Fahrenheit and vice versa.

Fahrenheit (°F) Celsius (°C)

Precision: Please note that the results are rounded to a maximum of two digits after the decimal point.

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Fun temperature fact

Did you know that good quality chocolate melts around 34°C? Go ahead and convert that to Fahrenheit. You’ll notice it is slightly below the normal body temperature. No surprise here: we don’t want cholocate to melt in the room, but would like it to melt it the mouth.

About temperature scales

Ever wondered how and why different temperature scales are related to each other? Read our brief overview.

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Prefer a table version?

You can use our conversion chart to look up corresponding temperature values in Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature scales.

Conversion chart

Kelvin conversion

A tool useful for dealing with the Kelvin temperature scale. Lets you directly calculate Fahrenheit from degrees Kelvin.

Kelvin to Fahrenheit

A note on spelling in English

Fahrenheit is a commonly misspelled word in English. Misspelled versions include ‘Farenheight’, ‘Ferinheight’, etc. In case you are interested, this temperature scale was proposed by Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit, a scientist who first developed a mercury-based thermometer.

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Nature's °F and °C chart

A snapshot of world weather in summer

City Country °F °C
Vorkuta Russia 51 11
Reykjavik Iceland 54 12
Oslo Norway 55 13
Brussels Belgium 57 14
Stockholm Sweden 59 15
Berlin Germany 59 15
Norilsk Russia 61 16
Lima Peru 63 17
Montreal Canada 68 20
Toronto Canada 70 21
Madrid Spain 70 21
Los Angeles USA 72 22
Yakutsk Russia 72 22
Belgrade Serbia 73 23
Kazan Russia 75 24
Detroit USA 78 26
Washington USA 79 26
Jerusalem Israel 81 27
Houston USA 81 27
Istanbul Turkey 82 28
Miami USA 83 28
Acapulco Mexico 86 30
Tokyo Japan 86 30
Seoul Korea 88 31
Kyoto Japan 93 34